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My name is Melissa. I'm a Seattle area photographer, and former TV news

reporter. I so enjoy finding stories, and

discovering what makes people unique.


Being a photographer means

I get to see great stories all the time.

Stories like yours! My hope is for both of us to walk away from our photo session happy,

as new friends, with amazing moments caught on film to treasure always.



First, we'll decide together on a date that works best for time of year and schedules


Next, it's time to pick your (and your family's) outfits! Here's a blog post that might help


Hooray! You did it. Time to get your family a treat (bribe?) to celebrate this fun day


Then we'll go over places that would offer your images a beautiful background


The big day! We meet at our scheduled date and time and capture treasured memories!


Now your photos are ready! This is the best part. Time to marvel at your wonderful life!

steps to a

great photo


Ready to book your session?


Terrific! I'm so excited to meet you.

When it comes time for our session together, please know that I appreciate how hard you worked to get ready and get out the door! Here's a blog post I wrote if you'd like an inside look at what to expect.

As I say on my home page, let's capture all the beauty and wonder of your world, as it is, right this moment.

Tantrums and torn pant legs are just part of the process. I'm a mom! I'm here with you, on your team, working to get those smiles up on your wall. You've earned them! Your family is beautiful, and you are right to want to hold on to all that love.

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Please note:

At this time I am only offering full sessions. I will post information here the next time I am scheduling for mini-sessions. To be sure you're in the know, and for occasional discounts on my regular sessions, sign up via the form above. I look forward to hearing from you!

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