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Hey there!

Photo sessions can be so much fun!

And an amazing chance to capture

special moments in time.

Read on for a list of frequently asked questions,

and as always, please reach out

with any questions of your own!

What should I wear?​​ This is the most common question of all! And really, it's the easiest to answer. Whatever makes YOU feel like YOU. That's my philosophy. I want to capture the joy and love between family members, or the wonder and anticipation of graduating seniors. These emotions are going to best come forward when you feel your outfit reflects your personality.

But really, what should I wear? I get it! You still want examples. My best advice is to consider layers. For women, that can mean a light jacket or scarf over a blouse. For men, shirts under sweaters, or trendy jackets look amazing. For boys, dress shirts add a formal touch to the photos, while casual tees are fine as long as there are no large images. For girls, dresses are timeless and sweet, with ballet flats or boots. With all that said, it's also super fun when the whole family dresses in jeans! You need to consider what mood you'd like to share in your photos and let that be your guide. It's definitely a plus when families match, as it adds a sense of love and togetherness to your photos.

How long does it take to receive my photos?​​ I know how hard it is to wait! I do my best to deliver your gallery within two weeks. If you order prints, shipping times will vary.

How will the photos be delivered? The high-resolution digital images will be emailed directly to you in a password-protected online gallery. This gallery is created just for your session, and you may share it with friends and family as you like. At this time, the digital rights (print release) are included with your session. This means you will be able to download the images, save them, and print them wherever you like. The actual prints you receive are based on your package, and can be found on my investment page. 

I want more prints, can I order those through you? Absolutely! I partner with a professional photo lab and the prints are amazing. Let me know if you'd like to see my print packages. It is definitely worth it to order at least your favorite image from the lab, as the quality is above and beyond what any home printer or big-box store can do.

Can I bring my pet? I love pets. They add so much to a family. But my best answer is: it's not a good idea. Having a pet at the session takes a lot of work from you to balance looking after your pet, as well as interacting with and encouraging your children. It will also take more time to include a pet, as getting your pet to walk or look where you'd like requires a lot of coaching! From personal experience, I can tell you that pets are not always predictable in an environment such as a photo session. So special family moments may be missed. Especially if another pet comes near! We'll need a plan, and we'll need to discuss this prior to your session. You will need to bring and carry supplies (treats, waste bags, etc.). Also, we need to be sure to pick a location that allows pets, and follow leash laws. If you want more information, let me know and we'll talk about your pet's personality and come up with the best plan! There is an additional $75 fee per pet.

Where will our photo session take place? I shoot primarily in Seattle's eastside neighborhoods. I know a lot of good locations, based on what type of look you want for your photos. However, if there is a special spot you'd like for your session, let me know! Sometimes your own home works best, especially for babies. Sometimes you want water in the background, or a certain type of geography. It's all about finding a place where you and your family will shine.

Um, this is the Pacific Northwest. What if we get rained out?​​ Although shooting in the rain can be an adventure, most often our best best is to reschedule! I try to reschedule as soon as possible, preferably within one week of the original session.

What if my kid is cranky? I'm okay with cranky! I've seen it all. My goal is to make the session fun. I want to get to know you. Truly I do! I used to be a reporter, and love finding what makes people unique. I'm super patient, and always ready to hop down to kid-level and let your child know that I'm happy he or she is here. The biggest challenge with kids who aren't quite in the photo mood comes during mini-sessions, because our time is so short! With full-sessions, I've never left without a smile. The best thing I can share is that whatever your child is doing is truly not bothering me. I want you to relax! I want you to enjoy the fact that you got your beautiful family ready for this special time and you're all here at once, with nothing else to do other than be together and capture this day.

I'm ready to book! Now what? Hooray! I'm so excited to work with you. Once we agree on a date and time, I'll send you a contract to e-sign. 50% of your photo session fee is due at the time of booking, and the reminder is payable the day of the session.

What else do I need to know? That I love doing what I do! Ever since I was a little girl, I have treasured photos. I even took photos out of the rubbish bin and created a "bad and ruined pictures" envelope that I hid in my desk. Every picture spoke to me. Whether it was the blurred outline of my Nana's housedress, or a photo too dark for an album -- I saw something. Something special. A moment. To me, that's what life is made of. Moments. I want to catch them and keep them. Whenever I look through old photos, I feel nothing short of blessed. It's a kind of magic, to me. To have shared this moment in time with whoever else was in the frame. And I can't wait to share a photo session day with you.