Inside Look: Newborn Photo Session in Seattle

Welcoming a new baby is one of life's greatest blessings. The only thing greater is spending the following years watching your baby grow.

I had the pleasure to photograph this wonderful family more than once over the past few years, and watch as they grew from a family of three, to a family expecting a new baby, to a family of four.

They are a great team. On this day, we photographed the newest member to the family, a beautiful baby boy. His big brother was so proud! And excited.

I love "kid energy." That's such a fun phrase, and so true. Kids have their own kind of energy and it is such a joy to be part of their worlds when we meet up for photo sessions.

With a new baby, when you already have a kid (or more) in the house, it's nice to break down the photo session into parts.

I like to grab all that enthusiasm from the older sibling(s) first, and let them know they are very important! With so much attention going to the new baby, it really matters to me to share as much of my time as I can with the older sibling.

Then it's nice to move on to photos with the parents and new baby, as the older child is released to play, go to daycare, or whatever else he or she would like to do. Of course they are always welcome back into the session! But it's nice to take the pressure off both the big brother or sister, and the parents, and take some time to treasure the relationship between just parents and new baby.

I want to capture all the lovely little details of baby life! The saying goes, "the days are long but the years are short," and that's so true. Days—or nights, who can tell?—with a newborn are long indeed. And all the baby things, the bottles, the diapers, the burp clothes will fill your home so quickly you'll forget what it was like without all those things around.

But soon, those things will make way for matchbox cars and crayons. The new-baby time is precious, and looking back at all the little baby things will bring a flood of memories!

My goal for newborn sessions is to help you feel calm and centered.. At least as much as you can. I've got this! What I want to capture is you enjoying these special moments, you feeling proud of all you've done to bring this little one into the world, and you showing off what it means to be a parent. It's a beautiful thing.

So get ready for lots of snuggles, lots of coos, and hold on tight to that bundle of joy. There's a reason so many of us just love holding babies. They're so snuggly! And warm. Babies like being warm. If we hold a newborn session at your house (which is really the best place) you'll want it to be a little warmer than normal, to help your baby feel comfy.

The nice thing about your home is that it's probably the place your baby knows best. Plus, you already have everything you need at hand. So there's no need to pack up or prepare for a car ride. Just you, your lovely family, and a few moments to capture the start of this new life.

What a gift a new baby is! Congratulations!

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