Inside Look: Senior Portrait Photo Session in Seattle

You did it! You finished all your years of schooling and now it's time to celebrate! Woo-hoo!

Senior portrait sessions are some of my favorite types of photo sessions. It's such a time of excitement in your life, and it's so fun for me to get to know you, and hear about all your amazing accomplishments, your hopes and dreams, and your plans for the future.

Recently I had the pleasure to photograph this Class of 2020 grad. She came to the session prepared! With three outfit changes, and her cap and gown. And her mom. I always recommend having a parent come to the session if possible.

Of course parents can help you carry things and guard the car while you change! But more importantly, this is a huge milestone for your parents, and they will feel a mix of pride, nostalgia, hope and happy tears. They've earned this time with you, and if it works out to share it, please invite them along!

So what should your bring to your session? I always say "something that means something to you." I've photographed seniors with soccer balls, team jerseys, saxophones, and letterman's jackets.

This senior brought her honors cords, which were fun to show off in some great photos. She worked hard for those!

The thing about being a senior, is that you're at a threshold in life. You are leaving behind your childhood, and all that you worked for while in school, holding a job, and perhaps doing sports or music or debate club. That's a lot!

And yet you haven't quite begun the next phase of your life. The phase where you're in charge, where you make the decisions, and where you take some serious steps into adulthood.

You're in between.

Which is always a great time for photos!

There's a reason so many movies and books are written about high school seniors. It's a huge moment in your life, and a year you'll look back on forever. For real!

The word photography means "writing with light." What better way to remember this special time in your life than by "writing" it down through photos?

And there's so much to remember. Perhaps you can even remember way back to your first day of kindergarten. You've come so far!

Maybe you're thinking about that spelling bee you totally would have made it into if the word wasn't "paraphernalia." Or, "chrysanthemum."

Or maybe you're thinking about that P.E. teacher who encouraged you to run a little longer than you thought you could. Or your soccer coach who ran alongside you.

Or maybe you're remembering all the early mornings you woke before dawn just to make it to swim practice before school. Or the late nights you stayed up to finish what felt like endless assignments.

Whatever you're thinking about, you can pause for just a moment to take in a big breath of air because — you did it. You made it to graduation.


Let's get together and capture some amazing portraits of you. Just as you are. Right at this moment. The High School Senior.

It's an incredible time.

And as your friends and loved ones wish you well, as you set off on your next adventure, please remember one little thing: don't be a stranger! We'll miss you!

But we're so happy for you. Congratulations, and best wishes!

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